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Mr. Stephen Fry introduces you to free software, and reminds you of a very special birthday.

What is WhiteBase Inc?

We are a venture company of System-Development, Intelligent Computing Research and Online-Media-Development. We provide Information System toward easy-to-use and easy-to-understanding for users. We are always planning a new solution with white-base thinking.


  • jupdf Utility viewer of PDF.js.
  • jupdf
  • Active Syllabus
  • Active Syllabus
  • OpenSlide
  • OpenSlide is a WWW-based slide share system. You can make your own SlideShare at your local server.

    • Slideshow
      Fullscreen slideshow is available. There, you can play slides with speech audio.
    • Works with hundreds of sites
      OpenSlide works on hundreds of sites across the Web.
    • Preferences
      Customize the look and feel of OpenSlide - modify the number of rows, background image, wall angle, slideshow speed and more.

Recent News

  • 2012/10/03 Active Syllabus was reported in Asahi Shimbun newspaper.
  • 2012/08/28 Yusei Nishimori, Atsushi Tatsukawa and Our Project Active Syllabus got IPA The MITOH Program 2012
  • 2011/3 Active Syllabus was reported in Mainichi News paper
  • 2010/4 Related service of WhiteBase was reported in NHK Takamatsu.
  • 2010/4 Related service of WhiteBase was reported in KSB news.
  • 2010/4 Related service of WhiteBase was reported in Yomiuri news paper
  • 2010/3 OpenSldie was on display at OSC2010@Kobe
  • 2009/9 OpenSlide was reported in Nikkei newspaper.
  • 2009/8 OpenSlide was on display at Open Source Conference (OSC) Kansai.
  • 2009/6 OpenSlide released.


  • Name:
    WhiteBase Inc.
  • EMail: info at
  • Activities
    Software Development
    Online Media Solution


To contact us, please write your name and email address with your request.

  • info (at)

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